Tuesday, 29 May 2012

shop 'till you drop

Shame on me! i know it's been a while but i've been so busy cleaning my room, my head, my life. And of course i was often on the road for some shopping! I decided I really want to take classes in make up and styling, and my boyfriend (who will always support me in whatever I do) gave me a make up session at MAC cosmetics!!! Can I get a Whoop whoop?! I just can't wait to make my appointment! Mean while, I bought myself some new clothes, make up and nail polish. 

from left to right: top with birds: new look
 top with peter pan collar: mango
 grey top: pieces
 sunglasses: mango
 high waisted short: new look
 pink skirt: pieces

                   top with lace and peter pan collar: mango
                   necklace with a little acorn: mango
                   pink skirt: pieces
                   pink blazer: imperial

'meet me at coral island' from catrice

I really like this nail polish because it is THE it-color for this summer! The brush is quite big so it's quite easy to apply and the nail polish stays for 5 days! (if you put a good base coat and a nice top coat of course). So this is how I spent last weekend. 
What did you girls do?



  1. Thank's for following TBG, it really made me & Elize happy! Yeah, that's a lovely nail polish for the summer! Totally refreshing and cute ♥ Love that cute top with birdies on & your top with a collar!I'm really in to collars at the moment, I need to go and get me some cute collarlicious items!(: Wonderful buys.♥
    Xoxo Louise


    1. thanks cuties ^^ yeah i'm in my collar period as well ;)
      <3 xx

  2. This is my color number 1 for the summer!


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